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Childcare Tree Safety

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Childcare Tree Safety

Tree safety and compliance in child care centres is the highest priority to create a safe environment for children. Trees offer numerous benefits, including shade, natural beauty, and for playing outdoors. It’s crucial to prioritise safety measures to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries related to trees.

Tree audits deliver safety compliance

One significant aspect of tree safety in child care centres is regular tree audits conducted by professional arborists. These inspections assess the health, stability, and structural integrity of trees on the premises. By identifying potential hazards such as dead or dangerous branches, weak limbs, or diseased trees, child care centres can take proactive measures to address these issues. 

Maintaining appropriate clearance from trees is a vital aspect of safety. Overhanging branches that are too low or too close to play areas, walkways, or buildings can pose a danger to children, especially during severe weather conditions. Regular pruning and trimming can ensure a safe distance and prevent accidental contact or entanglement with tree branches.

Parents want to send their children to an environment knowing their kids can play outdoors and also be safe.

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Servicing commercial and residential

Our clients include

We work with ArborSafe to provide advanced tree management solutions

ArborSafe are the states leading experts when it comes to effective tree management. After receiving the tree audit report we work with ArborSafe to provide a safe and compliant commercial area.

Commercial Tree Care


Keeping children and staff safe is essential. We can assess your school and provide a report.


Like schools, childcare agencis have a strict policy on safety. Our reports can help make these environments safer.

Aged Care Facilities

Grounds are often kept with lush trees which is important to keep all public areas clear ans safe.


Campuses are generally large and provide ample areas for students to dwelll outdoors. Keeping these areas safe is important.

Caravan Parks

People stay in caravan parks becuase they're safer than the rural landscapes. We want to keep them that way.

Winery estates

If it's a newly married couple taking photos on an estate or a family walk keeping these large properties maintained is critical.

Hospitals and medical centres

People take loved ones for walks in the gardens around hospitals, it's critical that vulnerable people are kept safe.

Body corporate

With our $20million insurance policy, we can look after commercial and residential tree maintenance and removal.

Golf Courses

As golf courses are played in a park like area, it's critical that tres are healthy for safety and athestics.

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Safe Tree Program

The Victorian government has strict guideines when it comes to tree safety at schools. It’s the schools responsibility to provide a safe environment for the students and staff. To ensure this happens the Victorian government introduced the Safe Tree Program which provides grants to schools to ensure they are safe. 

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Why Choose Us?

  • Safety First

    Thorough and comprehensive tree audits, covering all aspects of safety and compliance.

  • Skilled Workmanship

    Certified arborists with extensive knowledge of the Mornington Peninsula's tree species and environmental factors.

  • Healthy Trees

    Tree management plans that are not only safe but keep the trees healthy and vibrant, minimising risks and potential liabilities.

  • Insurance compliance

    Transparent and detailed reports for insurance compliance and record-keeping