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Ensuring Tree Safety for Students on University Campuses

It’s vital that universities take necessary precautions to guarantee a safe environment for students, teachers and visitors. In recent years, there’s been a growing awareness of the potential risks that trees can pose to university students and staff. Stepss have been taken to minimise these risks and ensure that campuses are as safe as possible.

Trees provide many benefits to university campuses, such as shade during hot days and a natural environment for students to study in. It’s important to remember that tree maintenance is a crucial aspect of providing this safe atmosphere.

Tree safety is a major concern at every university. It’s important that a dedicated teams of arborists assess and manage tree safety on campus. Bayside Treeworks working with ArborSafe can conduct regular tree risk assessments, which involve evaluating the health, stability, and potential hazards of each tree on the university grounds. They can identify any necessary actions to be taken, such as pruning, cabling, or even tree removal in some cases.

A safe campus environment is very important and campuses could be held liable if any injuries arise from fallen trees or branches. Regular inspections, maintenance, and communication between university staff, arborists, and students, ensure that everyone on campus is aware of the potential hazards and can take appropriate steps to stay safe around trees.

Tree safety is an essential element of maintaining a safe and sustainable campus environment. By employing expert professionals to regularly assess and manage tree risks, universities can ensure that their campuses remain secure and safe for students to learn and socialise. 

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Maintaining a Safe State: The Importance of Tree Management at University

Trees are an important part of university campuses, providing not only a natural appeal but also contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff. It’s essential for universities to have a safe tree management policy in place to mitigate potential risks and ensure a safe campus environment.

One of the central aspects of a tree management policy is the employment of certified arborists. Arborists are experts in tree care, responsible for assessing and maintaining the health and safety of trees within a campus landscape. They can identify potential hazards, monitor tree health, and make recommendations for tree maintenance or removal.

Arborists play an important role in universities with large campuses and a vast number of trees. These campuses often have extensive landscaped grounds, with mature trees close to buildings, walkways, and roads. As a result, the risk of damage from falling branches or tree failure can be high, making it critical for universities to have a comprehensive tree management policy in place.

Tree management involves more than just regular pruning and maintenance. A tree management plan should also include tree risk assessments, emergency response procedures, and the development of long-term strategies for tree renewal and resource management.

A thorough tree risk assessment is an essential component of maintaining a safe campus environment. Arborists will evaluate the health and structural integrity of each tree, identifying any risks and recommending appropriate actions to mitigate those risks. This may include scheduling regular pruning, installing supportive measures like cables or braces, or, in some cases, removing the tree entirely to prevent a catastrophic failure.

Getting ahead of potential tree issues is crucial for minimising risk to students and staff. By prioritising tree health and conducting regular tree risk assessments, universities can greatly reduce the likelihood of tree-related damages or injuries. This ensures the safety of those on campus and allows for the trees to flourish and improve the gardens.

In addition to routine tree management, having the tools and resources to respond quickly in the event of a tree emergency is equally important. A well-developed tree management policy should provide clear guidelines for handling incidents like fallen branches or uprooted trees, as well as access to the resources necessary to address these issues quickly and effectively.

We work with ArborSafe to provide advanced tree management solutions

ArborSafe are the states leading experts when it comes to effective tree management. After receiving the tree audit report we work with ArborSafe to provide a safe and compliant commercial area.

Commercial Tree Care


Keeping children and staff safe is essential. We can assess your school and provide a report.


Like schools, childcare agencis have a strict policy on safety. Our reports can help make these environments safer.

Aged Care Facilities

Grounds are often kept with lush trees which is important to keep all public areas clear ans safe.


Campuses are generally large and provide ample areas for students to dwelll outdoors. Keeping these areas safe is important.

Caravan Parks

People stay in caravan parks becuase they're safer than the rural landscapes. We want to keep them that way.

Winery estates

If it's a newly married couple taking photos on an estate or a family walk keeping these large properties maintained is critical.

Hospitals and medical centres

People take loved ones for walks in the gardens around hospitals, it's critical that vulnerable people are kept safe.

Body corporate

With our $20million insurance policy, we can look after commercial and residential tree maintenance and removal.

Golf Courses

As golf courses are played in a park like area, it's critical that tres are healthy for safety and athestics.

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Safe Tree Program

The Victorian government has strict guideines when it comes to tree safety at schools. It’s the schools responsibility to provide a safe environment for the students and staff. To ensure this happens the Victorian government introduced the Safe Tree Program which provides grants to schools to ensure they are safe. 

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    Tree management plans that are not only safe but keep the trees healthy and vibrant, minimising risks and potential liabilities.

  • Insurance compliance

    Transparent and detailed reports for insurance compliance and record-keeping