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Kinaway and Supply Nation Members

Bayside Treeworks

Kinaway Member

Bayside Treeworks is proud to be a Kinaway certified member. Kinaway is committed to empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners throughout the region. The primary objective revolves around transforming the lives of Indigenous individuals by fostering a strength-based approach to business ownership and active participation in Victoria’s thriving economy.

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Supply Nation

Not only is Bayside Treeworks a Kinaway member but we are also a proud member of Supply Nation. The Supply Nation directory is a highly regarded platform that connects Indigenous businesses with corporate and government agencies in Australia. As a trusted and independent organisation, Supply Nation verifies and certifies Indigenous businesses. The directory offers a comprehensive database of diverse Indigenous suppliers across various industries. The Supply Nation directory, actively supports Indigenous economic empowerment and contributes to building a more inclusive and equitable business landscape in Australia.

Commercial Tree Care


Keeping children and staff safe is essential. We can assess your school and provide a report.


Like schools, childcare agencies have a strict policy on safety. Our reports can help make these environments safer.

Aged Care Facilities

Grounds are often kept with lush trees. It is important to keep all public areas clear and safe.


Campuses are generally large and provide ample areas for students to dwell outdoors. Keeping these areas safe is important.

Caravan Parks

People stay in caravan parks because they're safer than the rural landscapes. We want to keep them that way.

Winery estates

If it's a newly married couple taking photos on an estate or a family on a walk, keeping these large properties maintained is critical.

Hospitals and medical centres

People take loved ones for walks in the gardens around hospitals, it's critical that vulnerable people are kept safe.

Body corporate

With our $20million insurance policy, we can look after commercial and residential tree maintenance and removal.

Golf Courses

A lot of golf courses are full of trees, and not everybody stays on the fairway. It's critical that trees are healthy for safety and aesthetics.