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Cable Bracing

Bayside Treeworks

Cable Bracing

Tree cable and bracing is used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage from winds, storms, or even the weight of their own foliage. This is a technique that involves high strength cabling to anchor limbs of the trees. This helps redistribute the weight of the tree and can drastically increase the safety of any precarious trees.

You can feel safer on those windy days when you see the tree limbs moving knowing they are significantly more stable with cable bracing. Fallen limbs can cause significant damage to people and can severely damage property, cars and equipment.

Cable bracing reduces the future risk of branch failures and in the event of a failure, reduces possible damage caused by falling limbs. It’s also a cost effective and non-evasive way to help extend the life of your tree. 

Our team use industry approved and rated yale cable brace and is installed by our team of trained professionals.

Cable Bracing around trees in the mornington peninsula
Arborist climbing tree as they commence tree removal

Tree Removal

Following strict safety guidelines, our expert arborists will safely remove trees from your property. Using the latest equipment we’ll leave your property looking tidy and clean.

Old tree Stump removal in the mornington peninsula


Maintain a safe and aesthically appealing garden by removing tree stumps.  Stumps can be trip hazards and can also attract insescts like termites

Cherry Picker tree removal at university

Tree Auditing

It’s critical that your commercial business adheres to safety standards and regulation. We can keep your business safe. 

professional arborist removing Commercial in mornington peninsula

Tree Pruning

Carefully selecting which limbs to cut can improve the health of your tree and also the appearnce. Shaping to a certain style can transform your garden.

orange bug on a leaf.

Disease & Pest Control

Maintain the health and longevity of your trees by getting on to any diesase or pests early before it’s too late. We can assess your trees and come up with a plan.

Possum banding in a park

Possum Banding

This is a technique used to help preent possums from climbing trees. Possum damage can severly damage and even kill your trees.