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Stump Grinding

Bayside Treeworks

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be unsafe and unsightly.  To minimize re-growth and termite infestation, and to make the area safe, it’s best to remove tree stumps by grinding both the stump and the surface roots. This also leaves the area clear for replanting.

Tree removal is one part of the process, but if you want to completely clear out a garden bed then we highly reccommend you also remove the stump. 

Termites are prone in tree stumps, the exposed timber is easy access for them. It’s good practice to remove all wood and not risk an infestation.

Stumps can become trip hazards in the garden and can become an attractive feature of your garden. By removing the stump not only does it look better but it creates room for you to create a new garden bed with new features. 

Tree stumps can cause damage to lawnmowers, vehicles, and other equipment. By removing them you’ll protect your property and save on costly repairs.

With our high quality equipment and experienced team of arborists, we will safely and efficiently remove you tree stumps.

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Tree Removal

Following strict safety guidelines, our expert arborists will safely remove trees from your property. Using the latest equipment we’ll leave your property looking tidy and clean.

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Tree Pruning

Carefully selecting which limbs to cut can improve the health of your tree and also the appearnce. Shaping to a certain style can transform your garden.

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Tree Auditing

It’s critical that your commercial business adheres to safety standards and regulation. We can keep your business safe. 

Cable Bracing around trees in the mornington peninsula

Cable Bracing

A technique used to provide support for tree limbs that are at risk of falling due to structural weakness or defects. We can secure using cables, botls and rope.

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Disease & Pest Control

Maintain the health and longevity of your trees by getting on to any diesase or pests early before it’s too late. We can assess your trees and come up with a plan.

Possum banding in a park

Possum Banding

This is a technique used to help preent possums from climbing trees. Possum damage can severly damage and even kill your trees.