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Wood Chipping & Mulch

Bayside Treeworks

Wood Chipping & Mulch

After the trees are removed we wood chip the green waste which turns into in mulch. This mulch can be left for you to use at your convienance or we can remove it.

When available, good quality mulch is sold and delivered by the truck load or donated to local schools and charity groups.

Mulch serves an excellent purpose in the garden. Over time, mulch breaks down into the soil and acts as fertiliser for your trees along with aiding moister and water retention with the soil. It is important to your tree’s health because:

  • Mulch insulates the soil helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures.

  • Mulch retains water helping to keep the roots moist. Keeping moisture in can drastically reduce the cost of your water bill and keep the tree healthy.

  • By supressing weed growth the mulch will effectively keeps weeds out to help prevent root competition.

  • Improves the appearance of the garden. Mulch adds a polished look to your garden and landscape and can freshen up even the oldest of garden beds.

  • Mulch prevents soil compaction.

  • Mulch reduces lawn mower damage.
Arborist climbing tree as they commence tree removal

Tree Removal

Following strict safety guidelines, our expert arborists will safely remove trees from your property. Using the latest equipment we’ll leave your property looking tidy and clean.

Old tree Stump removal in the mornington peninsula


Maintain a safe and aesthically appealing garden by removing tree stumps.  Stumps can be trip hazards and can also attract insescts like termites

Cherry Picker tree removal at university

Tree Auditing

It’s critical that your commercial business adheres to safety standards and regulation. We can keep your business safe. 

professional arborist removing Commercial in mornington peninsula

Tree Pruning

Carefully selecting which limbs to cut can improve the health of your tree and also the appearnce. Shaping to a certain style can transform your garden.

Cable Bracing around trees in the mornington peninsula

Cable Bracing

A technique used to provide support for tree limbs that are at risk of falling due to structural weakness or defects. We can secure using cables, botls and rope.

orange bug on a leaf.

Disease & Pest Control

Maintain the health and longevity of your trees by getting on to any diesase or pests early before it’s too late. We can assess your trees and come up with a plan.