Pruning is important in maintaining a healthy tree and provides a range of benefits including:

  • Removing dead wood
  • Removing diseased or insect-infested branches
  • Increasing airflow inside a tree crown (especially important in windy areas)
  • Allowing light to penetrate to the ground below
  • Removing branches that rub against one another
  • Limiting branches growing into utility lines
  • Enhancing a tree’s appearance
  • Maintaining structural integrity
  • Reducing height

There are many instances where trees require removal. When this happens, our qualified team of arborists have the knowledge and expertise to safely remove your tree.

We utilise a range of specialised equipment to ensure the tree is safely removed and all works are conducted by industry trained and qualified arborists in accordance with Australian standard AS4373 Pruning of Amenity tree and current OH&S workplace policies.