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Tree Removal

Bayside Treeworks

Tree Removal

There are many instances where trees require removal. Trees could be affected by disease, pests or invasive species. They could be overhanging houses, driveways and roads. They may have just reached the end of their useful life, declining and need to be removed. When this happens, our qualified team of arborists have the knowledge and expertise to safely remove your trees.

Safety is generally the biggest concern when it comes to dangerous trees. Falling trees and limbs can cause great harm and even death to home owners or people nearby.  Keep your property and the community safe is a priority. 

Trees can also be a high risk for property damage, such as  damage to houses, cars, gardens and powerlines. This is where we come in and assess the risk of trees on your property and can provide a quality tree removal service.

We utilise a range of specialised equipment to ensure the tree is safely removed and all works are conducted by industry trained and qualified arborists in accordance with Australian standard AS4373 Pruning of Amenity tree and current OH&S workplace policies.

It’s also critical to abide by local council laws when it comes to tree removal. We are familiar with all of these so we will remove your trees the right way, with council approval. 

We provide a quality tree removal service for the Mornington Peninsula including:

Frankston, MorningtonMount Martha, Mount Eliza and the Mornington Peninsula.

Tree removal in Mount Martha with machinery
Old tree Stump removal in the mornington peninsula


Maintain a safe and aesthically appealing garden by removing tree stumps.  Stumps can be trip hazards and can also attract insescts like termites

professional arborist removing Commercial in mornington peninsula

Tree Pruning

Carefully selecting which limbs to cut can improve the health of your tree and also the appearnce. Shaping to a certain style can transform your garden.

Cherry Picker tree removal at university

Tree Auditing

It’s critical that your commercial business adheres to safety standards and regulation. We can keep your business safe. 

Possum banding in a park

Possum Banding

This is a technique used to help preent possums from climbing trees. Possum damage can severly damage and even kill your trees.

Cable Bracing around trees in the mornington peninsula

Cable Bracing

A technique used to provide support for tree limbs that are at risk of falling due to structural weakness or defects. We can secure using cables, botls and rope.

orange bug on a leaf.

Disease & Pest Control

Maintain the health and longevity of your trees by getting on to any diesase or pests early before it’s too late. We can assess your trees and come up with a plan.