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School Tree Safety

Vic Gov Safe Tree Program

School Tree Safety - Safe Tree Program

Keeping children and staff safe at schools is imperative. It’s also important that schools feel lush and have a nice aesthetic feel with plenty of vegetation. It’s strictly the responsibility of the school to ensure the environment is safe from any dangerous trees or limbs. 

The Victorian Government have created a grant called the ‘Safe Tree Program’, where schools can apply for help to assess, manage and remove any dangerous trees.

If trees need to be removed, the government will provide funding for native trees as the replacement.

Once the school applies for the grant, they can manage the project or the Victorian School Building Authority can. That’s where we come in. We can apply for this grant for you and get the right amount of paperwork filled out and carry out all of the works. 

All of the works is completed funded by the governmet. We just get the job done for you.

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Bayside Treeworks truck removing tree at a school

Vic Gov funded Tree Removal for Victorian school via Safe Tree Program grant.

Schools seeking assistance through the program can either deliver the arborists recommendations themselves (school-led project) or seek assistance from Victorian School Building Authority.

Commercial Tree Care


Keeping children and staff safe is essential. We can assess your school and provide a report.


Like schools, childcare agencis have a strict policy on safety. Our reports can help make these environments safer.

Aged Care Facilities

Grounds are often kept with lush trees which is important to keep all public areas clear ans safe.


Campuses are generally large and provide ample areas for students to dwelll outdoors. Keeping these areas safe is important.

Caravan Parks

People stay in caravan parks becuase they're safer than the rural landscapes. We want to keep them that way.

Winery estates

If it's a newly married couple taking photos on an estate or a family walk keeping these large properties maintained is critical.

Hospitals and medical centres

People take loved ones for walks in the gardens around hospitals, it's critical that vulnerable people are kept safe.

Body corporate

With our $20million insurance policy, we can look after commercial and residential tree maintenance and removal.

Golf Courses

As golf courses are played in a park like area, it's critical that tres are healthy for safety and athestics.

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Safe Tree Program

The Victorian government has strict guideines when it comes to tree safety at schools. It’s the schools responsibility to provide a safe environment for the students and staff. To ensure this happens the Victorian government introduced the Safe Tree Program which provides grants to schools to ensure they are safe. You can apply through us here: